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Khawaja Asif Talks About Selection of Army Chief

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The process for choosing the army chief has started, according to Monday’s statement from Defense Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif. He also shared the General Headquarters (GHQ) received a letter in this respect.

Asif refuted rumours that there was a standstill in selecting the new army chief in remarks before the National Assembly and earlier to the media outside the Parliament Building. The defence minister earlier announced that the selection process for the military’s senior positions had begun in a quick statement on Twitter on Monday morning.
According to him, the GHQ was informed of the letter the prime minister sent on Monday by the defence ministry. “Let us hope that we cross this threshold, a state of unrest ends. We also hope that the country moves towards stability,” the defence minister said.

He denied rumours claiming the defence ministry had provided a synopsis to the prime minister’s office. He claimed, “This is exactly the situation in which I am telling you that the prime minister received no summary.” added that the PM will receive dossiers along with the summary.

“We will discuss the names when we receive the summary containing five to six namesAsif informed the media, stating further that the military hierarchy will also be trusted while selecting the new army head.
In response to a query, he stated that the process would be finished by November 25 and that the prime minister would soon get a report from the defence ministry. “I want to inform you that the Ministry of Defence received a letter from the Prime Minister’s House on Monday. They delivered that letter to the GHQ to quell the disturbance produced today.”

He urged the media to keep the situation civil and refrain from stirring up trouble. He noted that by reporting that the prime minister had received the summary, the media had precipitated a crisis.
According to him, the PML-N was discussing its friends on the appointment and the government was not under any pressure. Regarding the media’s exaggeration, he asserted that it was past time for people to assume responsibility since the selection of the army’s commander, who is responsible for national defence, was at stake.
“Let us show respect to them and allow them to stay with their pledge to remain neutral,” he said. The borders set by the Constitution had become hazy during the previous 60 to 70 years. But today, according to Khawaja Asif, the establishment has chosen to perform its constitutional duty by burying the extra-constitutional function.

“Regretfully, Imran Khan is taunting their pledge to stay neutral,” the defence minister said. Imran Khan is endangering the integrity of the nation. He is also endangering the state institutions by using authority for personal gain, said the official. Imran Khan received unwavering backing from these institutions over the last four years. But despite these favourable conditions, he was unable to deliver.

Asif said government officials got presents from Toshakhana for the previous 70 years. He claimed that Imran Khan was the first to sell them. “The record of receipts shows that he sold out gifts. And then deposited the amount into the government account.” Asif said, stating that Imran Khan turned to selling gifts into a business while in power. He shared that evidence exposed Khan.

He grieved that all institutions were accountable for things that were designed in the previous 10 to 15 years. Those include the executive, judicial, and political branches. The defence minister noted that after blaming the US and the establishment for his overthrow, Imran has suddenly cleared them of responsibility.
“But at the same time Imran Khan said at least they (establishment) could have prevented the vote of no-confidence against him,” he said. “They used Politicians to invite the establishment to intervene. The executive was hand in glove with the establishment and politicians. While the establishment also ruled the country for 36 to 37 years. For the remaining time, they managed things,” he said. Asif said somebody asked him if the government and the establishment were on the same page. He said, “We are on the page of the Constitution and law.”

Khawaja Asif is sitting with Quaid-e-Azam's picture in background
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